Todays free stuff!


I picked up some tomato sauce from hemköp today (which was free after using a 10kr coupon) as well as some peanut butter from Green Choice for which I had a voucher from an earlier giveaway. Those single packaged peanut butter treats where really difficult to find!


I also used a coupon from yet another giveaway by Fazer which allowed me to get one of those chocolates for free.

Rörstrand bowls from the Fjäll campaign!


Today my lovely, little Rörstrand bowls arrived. The campaign closed quite a while ago and I thought it was a really great one! To get one bowl you had to buy one package of fil and even the shipping was taken care of. Those little bowls are probably the most expensive dishes (considering the regular price) I now own. Sweet! Plus Fjäll has not only really well designed packaging but the blueberry fil is quite good too!

Knäckebröd-testing with Norstat


I have done my fair share of questionnaires via different panels online but so far never done one in "real life". Today I went to taste test a range of different knäckebröd via Norstat. The test is divided into two segments (the 2nd one next week) and will be awarded with a 500kr giftcard. Whoohoo! It was actually a lot of fun! I believe there are still some slots open, but I am not sure. Feel free to pop me a message (if you live in Göteborg) and I forward you to them.

Free Sensai "The Silk" perfume sample


I passed by a Kicks store yesterday and picked up a perfume sample of Sensai's "The Silk". It's in fact a quite beautiful perfume, fruity and sweet but it still has some heaviness to it. It's still available in the Kicks stores, just go and ask the staff!

The 2nd item above is my new phone case! It comes from here and cost me 17kr! I am super happy with the purchase! It's made of this rubberized plastic which is lovely to touch. Nice!

Collect coins and win prices with Stena Line


Stena Line came out with a game app a few days ago (tip from here) which you can download and then use the coins you win in the game to exchange against real prices in one of their shops. As far as I am aware the app can be downloaded but the coins will be showing up only in a few days. Additionally there will be contests and maybe even a Christmas calendar in December.



The Chiquita mini-game contest


So, this Chiquita mini-game contest has been going on for a while. I am not sure how high the chances are to actually win a game there but today I found the games as a "gift with purchase" offer.

I am usually somewhat skeptical about those little travel games since I am not really wanting to have tons of those lying around. But I also quite like the game "Guess Who?" (Vem Där?), much more though in the version the lovely Natalie Tran suggests in one of her videos on her side channel:

This one is hilarious to play! At least if you play with someone you know well!