After a lot of back and forth concerning my order and (non-payment), I received a free sample box through a Facebook promotion by "My Bloody Box".

The packaging was nicely done and the delivery to the door worked well, still I am not yet convinced by the subscription box. The website was (at least for me) troublesome and buggy. I got several error messages and the customer service had to delete and then re-install my account. After that not one but a few orders popped up once I ordered my free box.
The costumer service on the other hand was great, the contact quick, smooth and without problem. I guess the website issues will be (hopefully) fixed in the future.

Then there is also the (pretty insignificant) point of the name of the box. Not sure what images this is supposed to conjure up. I found myself talking rather like a pirate when the order on the "bloody website" didn't work as it should…

If you are interested in this kind of subscription it might be worth a try but beware it likely still might be a bit complicated to get the account/order/payment/subscription interval correctly registered.