Todays free stuff!


I picked up some tomato sauce from hemköp today (which was free after using a 10kr coupon) as well as some peanut butter from Green Choice for which I had a voucher from an earlier giveaway. Those single packaged peanut butter treats where really difficult to find!


I also used a coupon from yet another giveaway by Fazer which allowed me to get one of those chocolates for free.

Giveaways from the end of last week


In the mailbox where some samples from Vichy. At Hemköp I found a practical müsli-box you receive when buying just one product from Axa (I could even use a coupon for that one) and I also picked up some free bread from Schär's giveaway a while ago. Looking forward to try their gluten free bread!


Edit: By now I actually tested the bread and I am positively surprised! It's pretty close to "normal" bread, lush and slightly sweet. Should I have guests who prefer gluten free, I will certainly come back to this one! Slightly negative is only that it comes with comparatively much trash since it is packaged in both a plastic cover as well as sitting in a little plastic tray. Otherwise: thumbs up!

Dufvenkrooks free giveaway overloaded their website!


It seems that the good people of Dufvenkrooks didn't really expect such a huge amount of visitors on their page wanting to get a free bottle of glögg! During November (next on the 17th and 24th) they'll give out 50 coupons (value 30kr) for which you can get a free "Lättvinglögg". The giveaway today pretty much broke down their website and it took quite a while for them to get it fixed. I hope the email will arrive anyway despite all the web-mess!

You can try it again here next Thursday at 11am, hopefully they'll be prepared next time!



Baby Boy Bakery: free (+shipping) subscription box trial


The Baby Boy Bakery is a family project by Jacqui and Dan Cruz who lost their three year old son Ryan in a tragic accident. The subscription box was created in memory of Ryan with the goal to promote spending time in the kitchen with your children and making memories that last a lifetime.

Right now you can test a baking-box for free (plus shipping)! If you live in the US the shipping is 5 USD, shipping to other countries will have an additional 3 USD fee. (That's only about 72kr!) The regular month-to-month subscription costs around 20 USD.

Use the code: FREEWECOOK at checkout. The offer is only valid until the end of the month. (10/31/16)

Free coupon "shopping"


I went out to pick up some items I had gotten coupons for through facebook. This is going to be my first time trying "Messmör". Rumors say it's an acquired taste, so let's see how that goes! Great that I get the chance to test it for free!

Originally the coupon for Messmör was for "Messmör Lingon". I searched all over the place for the lingon version but it was nowhere to be found. Mysteriously no one seems to have heard of it either. Luckily the coupon worked for the normal version as well. Has anyone seen Messmör lingon?