Rörstrand bowls from the Fjäll campaign!


Today my lovely, little Rörstrand bowls arrived. The campaign closed quite a while ago and I thought it was a really great one! To get one bowl you had to buy one package of fil and even the shipping was taken care of. Those little bowls are probably the most expensive dishes (considering the regular price) I now own. Sweet! Plus Fjäll has not only really well designed packaging but the blueberry fil is quite good too!

The Chiquita mini-game contest


So, this Chiquita mini-game contest has been going on for a while. I am not sure how high the chances are to actually win a game there but today I found the games as a "gift with purchase" offer.

I am usually somewhat skeptical about those little travel games since I am not really wanting to have tons of those lying around. But I also quite like the game "Guess Who?" (Vem Där?), much more though in the version the lovely Natalie Tran suggests in one of her videos on her side channel:

This one is hilarious to play! At least if you play with someone you know well!

Giveaways from the end of last week


In the mailbox where some samples from Vichy. At Hemköp I found a practical müsli-box you receive when buying just one product from Axa (I could even use a coupon for that one) and I also picked up some free bread from Schär's giveaway a while ago. Looking forward to try their gluten free bread!


Edit: By now I actually tested the bread and I am positively surprised! It's pretty close to "normal" bread, lush and slightly sweet. Should I have guests who prefer gluten free, I will certainly come back to this one! Slightly negative is only that it comes with comparatively much trash since it is packaged in both a plastic cover as well as sitting in a little plastic tray. Otherwise: thumbs up!

Yves Rocher package arrived!


Last week I ordered two items from Yves Rocher (total 80kr with free shipping) and was surprised to get quite a few little extra items in the package! 2 little cosmetic bags, perfume sample, cleansing gel sample, 2 different shampoo samples and 2 cream samples. Plus a cute little bag of marigold seeds! I'm super happy with the purchase, yay! I wish L'occitane was as generous with their samples!

Right now you can get 100kr discount if you shop before the 23rd of November for a minimum of 399kr and use the code: VIP100YR

You can also get free shipping until the 13th of November with the code: FREE1611

The not-so-hidden "hidden section" of L'Occitane's website


I can't tell how hidden this actually is. I didn't really think it was hard to find. But maybe it's interesting for someone. If you go to the  L'Occitane website here, you find a few offers you might have missed or which are (that's my guess) about to become available:

If you are a member and you buy items for 595kr or more you get a gift set (worth 175kr) including:

- Verbena Body Lotion 75 ml
- Almond Shower Oil 35 ml
- Shea Hand Cream  10 ml
- Shea Foot Cream 10 ml

The code for this is: GENERIC



As a member you can also call the store and reserve a time for a free skin analysis and mini-facial. Included in this is a 15% discount should you decide to buy anything.

If you are not a member you can sign up for it at their website or in any store. They'll send you an email after a few weeks and you will receive a little welcome gift (worth 255kr) if you buy something for 300kr or more.